The Benefits of Outsourced IT Support & Managed IT Services

August 27, 2023

In today's fast-changing business world, using technology is a must, not a choice. Embrace the benefits of outsourcing services for IT support through a managed IT service provider. It's crucial to harness this transformative potential, especially for small businesses. By doing so, you unlock new levels of growth and efficiency, heading your business to tremendous success with outsourced IT support.

What are managed IT services?

Managed IT services provide full tech support, allowing businesses to focus on core activities, not tech issues. With a managed service provider (MSP) as your dedicated IT team, you avoid extra expenses. MSPs handle network security, acting as your in-house experts. They can also help you make informed decisions, ensuring smooth operations. Say goodbye to technological hassles and embrace streamlined efficiency with managed IT services. 

Comprehensive IT support

Managed IT services provide full support, including server and network management, remote computer support, and IT helpdesk assistance. It also includes VoIP phone system management and managed firewall services. With these services, your entire IT infrastructure receives the necessary care. Plus, you gain access to support whenever needed, complementing your internal IT team. 

Proactive approach

MSPs provide the outsourced IT support needed with a proactive approach. They also offer 24/7 monitoring, keeping a constant eye on your systems. The MSP can identify potential issues early, which helps prevent costly problems from surfacing. As a result, IT operations run, downtime is reduced, and productivity boosts. You can focus on your business worry-free. They offer attentive and quick services so your operations get a reliable and safe IT environment.

In Oakville, Canada, many companies are now using managed IT services. A study by the Oakville Chamber of Commerce says about 65% of local businesses are using managed service providers for some or all of their IT needs in 2023, showing companies how crucial and efficient IT services are in today's digital world.

Managed IT Services

What are the benefits of managed IT services and the cost of outsourcing?

Outsourcing IT services to an MSP brings many benefits. The outsourcing company handles various tasks, including helpdesk services and outsourced IT support. For a medium-sized business, this can be a game-changer. They get access to expert support without the need for an in-house team. The MSP becomes their reliable support partner, offering specialized skills and resources. This way, the company can focus on its operations centre while leaving IT matters to the experts. Businesses can gain cost-effectiveness, increased efficiency, and round-the-clock support through outsourcing IT services. 

Predictable costs

Outsourcing your IT services comes with a distinct financial benefit. You pay a fixed monthly fee for all the services you need. This arrangement helps make your IT costs both predictable and manageable. Furthermore, the overall costs can be reduced compared to maintaining an in-house IT team. Each of these advantages plays a role in improving your business. They contribute to better financial planning and enhance your business's overall efficiency. It allows you to avoid extra expenses and reduces the financial burden on your business.

Access to expertise

An MSP gives you a team of IT experts with different skills like cloud services, cybersecurity, and technical support. They can help with any issues that could arise and assist you with support requests or outsourced IT support.

Improved productivity

Managed IT services mean that you have an outsourced IT support and services team on your side. They help you with tech support and troubleshooting, ensuring your IT processes run smoothly, reducing downtime, and increasing productivity. Additionally, outsourcing your helpdesk can further improve efficiency and customer support.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services

What is outsourced IT support?

Outsourced IT support is when businesses hire an outside agency to handle IT operations. The outsourced provider specializes in maintaining IT infrastructure and solving tech problems. They do everything from essential helpdesk support to complex network management tasks.
Outsourcing your IT support allows businesses to benefit from external companies. The outside service provider handles all IT-related matters, allowing the business to focus on its core activities. It's convenient to get professional IT help without managing an in-house team.

Outsourced IT Support

Which IT services or solutions can be outsourced?

You can hire outside help for all your business's IT needs. They can take care of your IT problems and tasks. This can also include other solutions to make your business work better.


Managed service providers can take care of cybersecurity for you. They help guard against online threats and keep your data safe. If you hire them, you'll get expert advice, and they can also manage data centres to make things run smoothly.

Hardware and software management

MSPs, or managed service providers, can handle your hardware and software needs. Acting as outsourced IT support, they do everything, from buying to fixing and updating. They offer infrastructure solutions for better business operations.

Disaster recovery

A Forbes article says that 40% of companies shut down after a disaster because they can't regain their data and systems. This fact shows why it's vital for businesses to use managed IT services for disaster recovery.

MSPs offer strong backup and disaster recovery solutions. They make sure businesses can continue working even during downtime. With their services, data is backed up and can be restored if something goes wrong, helping companies stay ready and functioning during challenging times.

Cloud services

Your MSP can effectively manage cloud services, including server hosting, giving you the benefits of cloud computing without maintaining a data centre. They handle storing files in cloud storage for guaranteed backup.

IT Services or Solutions That Can Be Outsourced

Why should you outsource your IT department?

Handling IT work can be challenging and takes time for many businesses today. Businesses can benefit by giving these tasks to a managed service provider that knows what they're doing. This includes using better technology, focusing on what the business does best, and making things run more smoothly. Let's look at these benefits more closely:

1. Gain a competitive edge

Outsourcing IT helps your business use the latest technology and expertise without investing heavily in in-house resources. Utilizing outsourced IT support gives you a competitive edge in your industry.

2. Focus on core business

Outsourcing lets you focus on your core business processes while the MSP handles your IT needs.

3. Improve business efficiency

Outsourcing your IT can help your business run better. It reduces downtime and keeps your computer system running smoothly. When you outsource IT, experts care for your technology, meaning fewer problems and interruptions. Your business can focus on essential tasks while leaving IT to professionals.

Outsource Your IT Department

Why would a proactive business outsource its IT  support?

Companies must focus on what they do best to stay ahead. Outsourcing IT support allows them to focus on their primary goals while leaving complex tasks to an MSP. This way, they save time and effort and can be more efficient in their operations. Letting an MSP handle IT support helps companies focus on improving products or services. It provides access to the latest technology, giving the company a competitive edge.

Network support: When to outsource your IT?

Outsourced IT support can be good for any business. If IT is complicated, you should consider outsourcing if you need to gain the right skills or if it's too costly. If IT takes your focus off your main work, getting outside IT help will simplify things and let you concentrate on your business needs. Before deciding, think about what you need and what it will cost.

With the right provider, your business can truly transform. IT support is essential for keeping your business running. Don't let IT issues hold you back, act now and consider outsourcing to enjoy its many benefits.

Network Support

How can CloudOrbis help?

CloudOrbis offers various services in Toronto, Canada and surrounding areas. We can be your trusted partner if you're looking for outsourced IT support. Our goal is to enhance your business operations and ensure business continuity. We help you leverage technology to gain a competitive edge, and provide a full suite of managed IT services for your business needs.

We have diverse expertise in cybersecurity, hardware, and software management, including disaster recovery and cloud services, and can handle all your IT needs, whether you are a small to mid-sized business or a large company. As long as you need our support, we are here to assist you.

Strong cybersecurity solutions

At CloudOrbis, your business's security is our top priority. We provide top-notch outsourced IT support and cybersecurity solutions to protect your business from network threats. With our expertise, your sensitive data will always be secure. Our service's benefits include peace of mind and knowing your business is safe from cyber threats.

Effective hardware and software management

Our team will handle all your hardware and software needs. We take care of everything from ownership to upgrades and troubleshooting. Rest assured that your systems will stay up-to-date, secure, and optimized for smooth business operations.

Comprehensive disaster recovery plans

We offer strong backup and disaster recovery solutions to keep your business running during disasters. We have reliable backup measures to protect your data and systems, ensuring your data is safe with us. In the face of any unfortunate event, we'll ensure your business stays up and running smoothly.

Efficient cloud services

You can use cloud computing easily without needing data centre maintenance. Enjoy seamless server hosting and other cloud-based solutions to boost your business efficiency with CloudOrbis.

Service Provider


Technology is vital for business success in today's digital age. Don't let IT issues become a hindrance. Let CloudOrbis handle your IT, so you can focus on growing your business. Our IT solution is adaptable, reliable, and efficient, transforming your operations into a well-oiled machine with outsourced IT support.

Remember, your business deserves the best. With us, you get more than just IT support; you gain a committed partner for success. Ready for top-tier IT support? Contact us, and let's shape your business's future together. Turn technology into your business advantage!

Frequently asked questions about outsourcing IT support services

1. What do outsourced IT services include?

Outsourced IT services provide various offerings. They can include helpdesk support, web and application development, and implementation of operating systems. Each service is tailored to meet your business needs, meaning you can get the right help and solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

2. Why should I consider outsourcing my IT support services?

Getting outsourced IT support will save you money. You get specialized expertise and cut downtime and security risks. It boosts productivity for your business, helping both larger companies and those in different industries. 

3. What are the risks associated with outsourcing IT support?

Outsourced IT support can be very beneficial. But, it's essential to select a reliable provider, helping reduce possible risks. Some risks include data breaches, lack of control, and communication problems. So, making a wise choice when considering outsourcing your IT needs is essential. 

4. How can outsourcing your IT support improve the productivity of your business?

You get a dedicated team of experts when outsourcing IT service providers. They focus on managing and resolving IT issues, freeing your internal team to focus on core business tasks. As a result, your productivity improves.