Infrastructure as a Service is Ideal for Any Business With Need of a Server

August 22, 2019

These days types of cloud services available to small businesses are astonishing. Each one has it’s own with pros and cons, but there’s one cloud service that every business with a server should consider is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Often referred to as Co-location services, this solution allows you to leverage IT resources without the expenditure of deploying and maintaining on-premise servers, storage, security, networking hardware and more. Whether the infrastructure you’re paying for is a server or a firewall, you pay a cost-effective subscription fee and your IT provider takes care of powering, cooling, updating, and supporting it.

What makes IaaS so Powerful?

Beyond having access to enterprise-grade hardware that is closely monitored and maintained by expert IT professionals, IaaS pricing is based on how much of the service you actually use in a month rather than the costs of the hardware connected to it.

For example, when purchasing an on-site server outright, you’re stuck with what’s on the shelf. If there’s nothing in stock that meets your needs, or those needs change soon after the purchase, you don’t have many options.

Managed IT services providers (MSPs) like CloudOrbis finely tune IaaS solutions you’ll keep full control over your databases, applications, and storage while we handle everything else. Plus, you have got the power to add or remove resources on-demand as your business needs grow or change. Which means you’ll boost efficiency, reliability, and security while also cutting down capital expenses.

Here are some of the most common solutions SMBs access over the internet via an IaaS service:

  • Email servers – Regular fluctuations in employee and customer communications mean email servers are one of the most inefficient IT resources
  • VoIP systems – Telecommunication infrastructure like routers, gateways, and switches can be hosted and supported by an IT provider
  • Firewalls – Specialized network devices can protect all your computers from outside your office
  • Data storage – Privately hosted storage is more secure because you know exactly where your drives are located and who has physical access to them
  • Backup hardware – Fail-over devices will take over core business functions if your office is struck by disaster

If you’re unsure which of these solutions is the right fit for your business, sign up for a free IT assessment. Our technicians will come on-site and identify inefficiencies that could be corrected with co-location services and outsourced IT support.

Who can leverage from IaaS?

Deciding whether IaaS is the right fit for your business comes down to how much money you spend maintaining IT hardware. If you already have a server that requires minimal maintenance and no plans to grow your IT infrastructure, you might be better off sticking with your current system.

Nevertheless, from our experience supporting businesses in Toronto, the benefits of IaaS almost always outweigh the costs if you employ more than 25 people. That’s when the scalability and convenience of off-site hardware really pay off, especially in these industries:

  • Financial – An MSP’s data center can handle compliance requirements for you, including physical and technical safeguards
  • Non-profit – Outsourced IT support is a fixed subscription cost rather than another department with unpredictable needs and expenditures
  • Transportation & Logistics – Hardware efficiency and reliability are built into your service level agreement so you can stay productive around the clock.

Securing Your Future

IaaS is just one of many solutions, partner with us to boost your business with enterprise-grade performance when your server, storage, networking devices, firewall, applications and more are hosted in our state-of-the-art data centers. Plus, our scalable, secure, resilient solutions permit you to access critical data from nearly anywhere. Our team of consultants and technicians can create a customized plan to drive growth. Call or message us today to get started.